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Writing published in mainstream media, 2013 – 2014


Lee, Carolyne. Life and death decisions (feature article).  In  The Saturday Paper,  June 21st 2014.

Lee, Carolyne. A failure. Translation from the French  short story ‘Une panne’ from Bernard Comment’s collection Tout Passe (Paris: Christian Bourgeois, 2011), winner of the 2011 Goncourt Prize for the short story.  In Meanjin, March 2014.


Lee, Carolyne. Would teaching French be your dream job in Paris? And L’enseignement à Paris serait votre emploi de rêve ? In My French Life, August 27, 2013.

Lee, Carolyne. What do Pasteur and Pascale have in common? And French version. In My French Life, October 10, 2013.


Books -

My latest book is Our Very Own Adventure: Towards a Poetics of the Short Story, published by Melbourne University Publishing, 2011.

Reviewed in Text (A-ranked journal), October 2011.

My 2004 book on writing, Power Prose, is no longer in print, but can sometimes be found on  Abebooks.

Alternatively, copies can be bought directly from me for AU$14.99 plus $9.00 postage, via my secure Paypal account (email me for details).

The updated version of Power Prose, with 50% new content, is Word Bytes: Writing in the Information Society (2009), available from the publisher, Melbourne University Publishing.

Other publications -

Researched journal articles and book chapters:

I’ve been publishing an average of three refereed, academic articles/book chapters per year from 2009 onwards but have not been keeping up with making all of them available here. I intend to rectify that as soon as possible. In the meantime those that do not have hyperlinks to the actual article can very likely all be accessed through databases like JStor via university libraries, and the books should be available in academic libraries.


  •  Volkmer ID & Lee CR. 2014. Shifting the politics of memory: mnemonic trajectories in a global public sphere. Journalism and memory.Hampshire, United Kingdom: Palgrave Macmillan , pp. 50-65 .


  •  Lee CR. 2013. Exploring the generic boundary zone: Narrative perspective in George Orwell’s ‘A hanging’, and Janette Turner Hospital’s  ‘The mango tree’. Short Fiction in Theory & Practice. 3 (1):   113-127.
  •  Lee CR & Burnside-Lawry J. 2013. The role of public participation in urban sustainability planning. Report No, for RMIT University. Melbourne, Australia: RMIT University.


  •  Lee CR & Li, J. 2012. China and Australia: Literature and Soft Diplomacy. In Li (ed), China and the West.Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing , pp. 141-153 .
  •  Lee CR. 2012. Deconstructing organizational communication for (productive) dissensus. Journal of Organizational Transformation & Social Change. 9 (3):   217-226.


  •  Lee C & Li J. 2010. Language Use in a Networked World: Reading and Writing’. Heilongjiang Social Sciences. 121 (4):   89-93.
  •  Lee C & Li J. 2010. Reflections on media writing. Modern Communication (Journal of Communication University of China). 169 (8):   157-158.



  • Real Life–Packaged for Consumers: the fait divers as a Heuristic for Scrutinizing the Construction of Moral Panics in the Australian Press, in Garcin-Marrou, I & Jamet, C (eds). Medias & Culture, Paris, France, L’Harmatton, pp.91-101 (co-written with D. Hecq).


  • Relatively Benign Corruption? Critical Discourse Analysis for Media Students, in Australian Journal of Communication, 34 (2): 91-102.



July 2010

  • Up Close, Episode 98, 17 MIN 36 SEC

Wordlings, Weasels and Word Bytes: Our Language on a Precipice?



  • ‘The Annotated Bibliography’This online tutorial explains why an annotated bibliography is an integral part of the research process. Three research students are interviewed to discover how the process of compiling an annotated bibliography helped structure and develop their work. The tutorial explains how to construct an annotated bibliography.


  • ‘Scholarly Journal Articles’ This webcast is designed to assist students in identifying and obtaining the correct types of references needed for academic essays (two versions: undergrad and postgrad).

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